'capture the spirit' photography


Shannon Angold

My name is Shannon Angold; Dubai based, Australian photographer. My two passions in life are travel and photography. I am blessed with the priceless opportunity to travel regularly and capture the world’s beauty, triumph, challenges and spirit on film creating a diverse portfolio.

Photography is a dream, a passion, and a wonderfully unique communicator. Automatically igniting eccentric emotions and practically taking the viewer on a kaleidoscopic journey.

A photograph can communicate; consciously directly to the viewer, or subconsciously the photograph’s spirit can reach deep within ones soul. This is a photographs simplest and truest form of beauty..... For what I describe as a captivating piece of art …. Someone else may totally disagree ... it all lies in the eye of the beholder.

I believe everything in this universe is coessentially connected, similar to the mind, body and soul. Every 'thing' or 'object' we see, hear, feel or touch, has or is a living spirit. Photography to me is a forum. A forum to display these spirits to those unable to relate, unable to believe in the simple beauty surrounding us or to those viewers who genuinely enjoy a photograph as a piece of art.

However photography, or better still, a photograph 'touches' you.... let your spirit wander...

'capture the spirit’ photography